The Dual-Air® Adjustable Oropharyngeal Airway is the only airway addressing the ineffectiveness of the existing airways.   It has been specifically designed to insure greater comfort for the patient, and improve ventilation and airway clearance.  It even addresses the issue of Level of Consciousness (LOC) changes in the patient.

It’s time for a new tool in airway management.   The Dual-Air® Adjustable  Oropharyngeal  Airway offers solutions to age-old issues the current airways never have addressed.

Let’s discuss the Dual-Air’s advantages:

How many Dual-Air® Airways do I need to carry?

Dual-Air® OPAs come in three sizes.  The Extra-Large, Adult and Pediatric, replace 8 of the standard airways. The Extra-Large Dual-Air® adjusts to 90mm, 100mm, 110mm, and 120mm, with an addition of half steps. The Adult Dual-Air® has the standard 70mm, 80mm, 90mm, and 100mm settings with additional half steps, creating eight adjustable sizes. The Pediatric Dual-Air® has the standard 50mm, 60mm, and 70mm settings, also with additional half steps. Not only does this simplify the selection process and decrease the amount of storage needed, but also diminishes the possibility of contamination as each Dual-Air® comes individually packaged.

How do I measure and insert Dual-Air®?

The measuring technique is exactly like with any oral airway device; from the jaw line to the patient’s earlobe. However, the insertion process of the Dual-Air® Adjustable  Oropharyngeal Airway has been simplified and standardized  The tongue deflector profile is lower and does not impinge upon the soft palate until the palatal arch enters the oral cavity.   Please view the video on this website for demonstration. (CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO)

Why is there a hinge at the very end of the tongue deflector?

When the tongue deflector is at the 70 mm mark (Adult Dual-Air®), the deflector is pulled a very long way out from the face of the bite block.   If a Non-Rebreather Mask were placed over the airway, this distance would not allow the mask to fit securely on the face.   The hinge folds and makes the tongue deflector 10 mm shorter.   The opening in the loop still allows for laminar airflow.   This 70mm position will be rarely utilized, but its presence allows for a cross-over with the 70mm pediatric airway.   It has been created for a child who does not fit the pediatric size and the adult size is more appropriate.

How is the ventilation improved when using Dual-Air®?

The large opening of the Dual-Air® Adjustable Oropharyngeal Airway’s improves laminar air, thus, reducing the amount of pressure needed to ventilate. This advancement decreases the amount of mask pressure in order to establish an adequate seal.

Do I have to remove the Dual-Air® right away if a patient’s LOC starts improving?

Not necessarily. As the patient becomes more aware and there is still a risk of a compromised airway, the Dual-Air® Adjustable Oral Airway can easily be adjusted utilizing the half steps.  This may  be done while the oral airway is in the patient’s mouth.

If the clinician is sure the gag reflex is not being stimulated, the Dual-Air® Adjustable Oral Airway can be secured by the Velcro head strap.

Can I suction patient’s oral cavity with Dual-Air® in place?

The Dual-Air® has a large opening in the very center of the bite block which allows the passage of a suction catheter to the back of the patient’s throat; by-passing the tongue and teeth.   Airway clearance should be frequently performed to diminish the percentage of pulmonary aspiration.

Is the Dual-Air® Adjustable Oropharyngeal Airway reusable?

No. It is meant as one time use only. NuZone Medical does not support sterilization of the Dual-Air®.

Is the Dual-Air® Adjustable Oropharyngeal Airway only an EMS tool?

No. This airway may be successfully used in many healthcare setting.  For example: broncoscopy, endoscopy, oral-maxillofacial surgery, post-anesthesia recovery, and when an advanced airway is not necessary. (CLICK HERE FOR VIDEO) Essentially during any procedure requiring conscious sedation.

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